Maia Tries

Editorials and poetry to provoke thought and self compassion


Photo by Johanna Patton Photography

Through my life I’ve struggled with bipolar depression, suicidal thoughts and developing a healthy body image. Within the past year I’ve begun to feel that I have learned how to cope with these issues, and wish to help those who may be struggling as well.

I don’t want to take myself to seriously in my blogs, but I also want to be sure my message translates.

What I desire to do with my life is to help those around me see just exactly how much they are capable of.

I know who I am. I know my flaws. I know my strengths. I accept every part of myself and because of that, I am a much happier person than I used to be. I believe every person should learn the art of self acceptance in order to be okay and possibly even happy.

Coming to accept myself took time, and I’ve always struggled with explaining it or finding the proper medium to do so. I’ve also struggled with the idea of “who the hell am I to think I can help someone else?” but I finally have decided that I have a love for writing, and if nothing else, this could be a healthy outlet for myself.

All I know how to do is share experiences and hope it gives others a new perspective.

I understand I am young and have¬†much to learn. This is just one more perspective¬†for others to see if they’d like.